Taking Time to Build New Memories

After learning about my husband's emotional affair, some long standing routines were very difficult to return to...and I'm finally figuring it out. Yay! for me! Yay! for us! "Experiencing and coping with loss is an unintended consequence of infidelity, even with the couples who have committed to repair their relationship. Life just doesn't fit together... Continue Reading →

The Endless Parade of Sad Days

I'm still sad. This sadness is unlike any other sadness I've experienced in my life, and I hate it. It feels like grief but we're all still alive. It feels like exhaustion, but I'm getting plenty of sleep now.

Gray Clouds Roll In

The gray clouds roll in from the distance, like a storm I can see is coming.My mind's eye watches closely, as the sun fades away to nothing.I can't outrun it. I feel guilty for not trying.I try so true to smile, while my foggy brain is lying.If you see me, please don't try to help... Continue Reading →

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