My Self-Care Top 10 List

We should all practice self-care, even if we don’t lead a life filled with crisis. I happen to bounce along from one crisis to another, and I really wish someone would have talked to me about self-care a long time ago. I’m 52 with a full head of gray hair, and it ain’t because of genetics. It’s because I didn’t properly take care of myself all these years.

I recently asked my oldest daughter if she feels she had a good childhood. I was pleased to hear her say she did, but I was surprised by what she added to it. She said the greatest lesson I’ve taught her is this:

Women need to be intentional to take care of themselves.

She added that she saw the toll life took on me, and how run down I was mentally and physically, and she decided that she would take better care of herself when she was an adult. And I can see she is doing that.

Here’s my own top 10 list for self-care, in no particular order.

  1. Get proper rest and practice good nutrition.
  2. Take time for yourself to exercise and recreate.
  3. Find hobbies you enjoy and do them.
  4. Don’t ever put off taking care of your own medical needs.
  5. Be intentional about de-stressing; take walks, practice meditation, talk to a safe friend, etc.
  6. Build a support team of safe friends and/or relatives who have the time and capacity to support you when you need it. Then ask them for support when you need it.
  7. Don’t do things for people that are capable of doing it for themselves. (Women in particular seem to take on other people’s responsibilities much too easily.)
  8. Journal it out — the good, the bad, and the ugly, and the fantastic stuff in your life.
  9. Be intentionally grateful every day, and for at least three things whether big or small.
  10. Be your own fairy godmother. You should do nice things for yourself, like give yourself a bouquet of flowers for example.

I haven’t listed my time with God. I’m a Believer. It helps to talk things out with Him. He listens and responds. I receive peace and comfort and can sort out my thoughts better when I spend time in my Bible or in conversation with my Maker. He is there for you, too.

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